A Day of Hunting for a Home Office Chair

written by: swainsparks When I decided to paint and redecorate my office, I had no idea what I was getting myself into as far as time goes. As a perfectionist, time is not my friend. I moved everything out, once I had my light blue paint in hand, and I was exhausted by the time the room was empty. It was time to call in some friends! The painting went quick and all of my old furniture was moved back in a day. I really needed to replace the decor in my office anyway, so the furniture went to charity.

I ordered most of my furniture and just had to wait for delivery, but I couldn’t bring myself to order the chair for my desk. I needed to sit in it. I wanted comfort, style and something chic. I needed to go hunting for a home office chair. I decided to go into the city and look around at office and furniture stores. I found leather, executive leather, wooden, cloth and hundreds of different styles! It was so hard to choose but I kept with the theme of my office and decided on one that would massage as well.

I spent a few hours looking at luxury home office chairs and finally found one that fit perfectly. It was brown and looked vintage, even though it was new. The chair didn’t look like it had a massaging feature and wasn’t too expensive. It is wonderful to enjoy working so much because of the addition of my new chair.

After a hard day of writing, it is really nice to kick my feet up and get a massage to alleviate the stress of deadlines. My office came together with a cherry wood desk, beautiful white chaise lounge and local art. The blue paint goes well with the darker furniture and splashes of color.

The Top Ways of Spotting the Best Cookware Sets

top cookware

Apart from the sets being complete, you will have a lot to look for when you are trying to get the best cookware sets. There is the quality and the assessments that you will have to go through before you can know for sure that what you have picked is the best and that it will serve you well.
Here, After reading through this website, Cook With Tina, I have a list of things that will help you spot the best kind of cookware that you will need. They have all been tested and tried and you will find these spotting methods kind of fun and also because they work, very reliable.

Spotting the best is not that simple so, let’s begin;

Look at The Brands First

Brands are the tags that you look for when you are in the process of spotting what is good and what is not. You will find that there is a lot more to a brand than you may have thought. Brands are different and there are those we trust and those that we do not. So, when you are going to buy cookware, look at the brand first.
The thing with this is that there are those brands that are trusted by many and they are always delivering products that you can rely on. You don’t need me to tell you that these are the ones that you should look at first.

What Are They Made Of?

Cookware comes in many forms and you will need to make sure that you pick the one that works for you. There is aluminum that is anodized, non-stick surfaces and other kinds to pick from. They will all claim that they have the best surfaces but this is not always the case and you will have to do more than just listen to them, you will need to know what kind of surface works best for you.

What’s The Balance and Weight Like

Assessing cookware at the store by holding and feeling the weight is a good way to know if you are going to like what you are buying or not. You may be having little time to do this kind of thing but I encourage anyone who wants to get the best cookware to asses it first by actually holding it in their hands before they buy.

Is It Coated or Clad?

Coating means that the metal aluminum has been hardened to make it scratch resistant and also made to be more durable and dishwasher safe. Cladding will refer to the layering of metal to create a kind of hybrid that is heat efficient and very conductive. My point is that you need to know the terminology and what you buy when you are spotting.

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What are you planning to buy as Christmas gift?


It’s almost a custom these days to wish ‘Merry Christmas’ with Christmas gifts. The current tradition of giving gifts on Christmas came into popular practice following the Three Wise Men’s (Magi) gifts to baby Jesus. Gift-giving during Christmas is primal to the age-old tradition of Christmas, and this took larger proportions slowly through the years with the rise of consumerism. Evidently, Christmas gift have become integral to our Christmas holidays! Every Christian bears the spirit of giving and sharing on Christmas. So what are you planning to gift your dear ones this Christmas? Here are some Christmas gift ideas for you to check out:

Christmas gifts can be anything from some pretty flowers to a chic jewelry. So then, you can never fall short of ideas when it comes to this gifts. Flowers are wonderful gifts for all occasions. And they can brighten up days on Christmas too!

Gift baskets are wonderful ideas for Christmas presents as well. You can make one yourself or buy one for your friends, siblings or sweetheart anytime. A gift basket stuffed with cookies, chocolates, and other little surprises would surely make the difference to your loved ones’ days!

Gift certificates for Christmas won’t be bad ideas either. So send all your wishes and good cheer in a piece of the envelope and fly them to your dear ones on Christmas.

Christmas decorations can be good gifts too. A box of Christmas ornaments would instantly set the sparkles in the hearts of the receivers on the holidays.

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How about some stunning necklace, pendant or earrings for the women folk this Christmas? For all their proverbial craving for “all that shines,” they would simply slobber over these well-chosen gifts of yours!

Wines and cigars as gifts are bound to strike the right chord for the men folk. These would sweep them off their feet, and you can’t help spot that glint in their eyes once they get the sleek wine bottle or the splendid cigar-case as Christmas presents.

Cool, Christmas toys-mini Santa, reindeer sleds, little elves, musical trees, Christmas story books, puzzles, Christmas games, pretty dolls, macho trains and cars are all peachy Christmas gift ideas for the kiddos that are waiting to be picked!

Bread Machine for A Gluten Free Diet

Gluten free food has its own benefit especially for those who are gluten sensitive and those who are suffering from Celiac Disease. I, for one am gluten sensitive and I just discovered that recently thus, shifted to a gluten free diet. Starting a Gluten free diet is not easy because you are eliminating a variety of your favorite foods. Processed foods is a big no and Fast food as well. If, before you do not look at all at ingredients when shopping for your food then, now you have to read every ingredient and make sure it is gluten free.


Going on a gluten-free diet means preparing most of your food yourself. I make my own bread at home with my favorite gluten free bread recipe. A gluten free bread takes time but the best thing about it is, it is now made easier with the help of bread machines. A bread machine is responsible for kneading and mixing of gluten dough. Most of this bread machine consist of one paddle for mixing but you can do better with a two paddle mixing bread machine. Of course, a two paddle mixing bread machine is more expensive than the one paddle bread machine.

The best bread machine for gluten free bread is the two paddle bread machine for mixing. It has better performance although a bit more expensive than any other bread machine in the market. But, whether you have a one paddle or two paddles, the resulting product really depends on how you make your gluten free bread. So the best bread machine for gluten free bread really depends on its user. As for me, I consider my bread machine as the best in line because it has served its purpose well and it has proven its durability too. If it is your first time to buy a bread machine, it is best if you do your research well before buying one.

And…the best coffee grinder for espresso?

946In 2015, I bought an espresso machine, but I missed a very important point; I did not take enough time to choose a grinder. After all, why should I give much thought on the grinder when I have already purchased top quality espresso machine? This misinformation brought a bad experience with the grinder because for all the time that I used the machine I did not enjoy the quality that I anticipate. In August 2016, I visited by friend who leaves in another state whom I had not seen for the last five years. It was a chilly morning and so he offered a mug of coffee.

Immediately when I took the first sip, I discovered it is the actual taste that I have been yearning for all this while. The coffee had a unique great taste that was by far much different from the type of coffee that I make back home. “I will not go back home without learning the secret behind this coffee?” I told myself. When he finally settled down and after an hour of chitchat, I finally asked Richard the secret behind the taste of coffee. His answer was exactly what I held inside but I had not given it much attention. “What is the brand of your brewer machine and the grinder?”

I told him by brewer machine was espresso but I could not remember the brand of my grinder. Richard then suggested that I should only shop for best coffee grinder for espresso machines which are readily available on the online stores. My friend even offered me some of the best stores that I would buy the best coffee grinder for espresso. I immediately logged into the internet using my phone and perused through the reviews that had been left by previous buyers and users of the grinder. I made an order but placed my home address, so that my mother will receive it on my behalf when it is delivered to my address back home.

How I Get to Spend so Much Time at Home

If you have spent much time reading here, you will notice I spend a lot of time talking about things in my house – my appliances, gadgets and computer equipments mostly (I love people too, but technology will always be special to me).

You might be wondering how I manage to spend so much time at home, enjoying all these modern conveniences. “Is he unemployed?” you might ask yourself. Nope, I’m not unemployed. Neither am I an Internet millionaire. I’m a social media strategist, a big name for a small time consultant who spends hours on Twitter, Facebook, blogs and Pinterest. Doing work. From home.

“But how do you get clients,” you ask. “How can they trust you to work from home?” Wow, you’re feeling direct today, aren’t you!!

Let me tell you how I’m able to enjoy this lifestyle and still appear professional. I have a virtual office space in New York City.



When I first heard the term “virtual office,” the picture that came to mind was something like The Sims. A tiny little digital office filled with pixelated cubicle drones working on reports and Powerpoint presentations for a blocky, digital cigar chomping boss.

No, a virtual office is not like that. It’s virtual because, although it has a physical address in the real world, it’s not a real office. I don’t go there and hold meetings and complain about the AC and the faulty elevator.

I sit at home and work on my Mac. When someone calls the office, a receptionist (human, not machine) takes the call and calls me (at home). She does not tell the client that I’m at home. If I’m busy, she takes a message.

When I receive a letter at the office, someone (I don’t know who) opens it and scans it for me. Minutes later, it’s on my screen, in an email.

Now maybe you are thinking that I’ve outsourced this to a third world country, that in my virtual office in Kuala Lumpur there are dozens of exploited people working for a handful of rice every day. Nope, I believe in paying a fair wage, and what’s more, I have a virtual office in NYC. This means that I have an impressive, prestigious address to give my clients, and my staff are all native English speakers.

And because I am sharing this location with many, many other businesses (I don’t know how many – never asked), I get this at a fraction of the price of a “real” office. And without the commute, too!

Why I have decided to start an embroidery shop


After staying at Julia’s place for four days I started developing a new passion, sewing. I met Julia in College and we became good friends. Now during this particular time, I was only traveling to New York to watch the base ball finals when I decided to pay her a visit. During my stay at her place, I couldn’t help but notice the set of well designed embroidery patterns on her table mat. Every morning before everyone wakes up she would be on her sewing table trying to make some new designs.

I also had the opportunity to try making something on her machine. She guided me on how to use the machine and how to come up with a particular pattern. It made me enjoy my stay. Though I did not actually design anything pleasing to my eyes, she encouraged me saying that I had really tried considering that she had spent almost a week before she could work on any simple design. However, she told me unlike her previous machine, the brother embroidery sewing machine that she was currently using was easier to handle and design with.

When I went back home, Texas, I had a strong feeling that I too could make some embroidery designs from my home especially in the evenings and on holidays. I am a High school teacher. After spending few days arranging on the place where I would be doing the work I immediately ordered for the Brother embroidery sewing machine online.

It took about 3 days before the machine was shipped to my local address. It is now 6 months since I started embroidering; I have really grasped the whole processes, coming up with creative designs, sewing, to fixing the patterns with different colors When I started I had only planned that the designs will only be for my use but gradually I have seen my neighbors getting attracted to my designs and even buying some what has even triggered me to see an investment opportunity.

Watch this video on Brother sewing machine:

My Daily Air Bed Feels Like Home

I use an air bed daily and I find it very relaxing and convenient. My studio apartment here in New York is a bit small and since I am a student working part time I decided to forego the bed frame and the bed. Instead, I opted to buy a good sized Coleman inflatable bed which I inflate and deflate when I want to. Most of the time, it’s inflated on the floor farthest from the so-called kitchen (I really do not have time to deflate it in the morning because I’m rushing to go to school or work!). This is a good thing because by the time I get home at night, I am so tired that I have no time to inflate it! The only time I deflate it is when I am expecting company or when my family comes to visit. I would need some space during the day when we would just sit around the apartment and talk so I have to fold it up. Sometimes they would do it to save me the trouble of deflating in the morning and inflating at night.

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I thought that the best air bed to buy for everyday use would be a Coleman because it’s what my parents bought. I think the old inflatable beds are still in the attic up to now and they are still in good working order. Our inflatable beds would be stored in the attic for months and when the weather was good enough, us kids would take out the beds and sleep outside in the backyard to watch the stars. Of course, now it sounds a bit dangerous to do that but those were really fun moments that I really miss and would always remember. Now that I’m far from home and often homesick, having the Coleman sort of reminds me of the grand times my family had in our backyard.

My Personal Strategies To Determine Which Elliptical Machines Work Best For Myself

I’d be a liar if I told you there wasn’t a million other people talking about the best elliptical machine’s, unlike those people I’ve actually used and have owned many. Everyone seems to have their own opinion while others are solely judging on word-of-mouth. Trust me, I’ve been duped both ways but there’s one thing that nobody can try to fake or juke their way out of and that’s results. Yup, the actual proof in the pudding is the differences noticed after trying several off-brand and commercial machines that people claim are the best elliptical trainers. Giving it a test-run yourself will definitely showed me the potential benefits that work best for my specific preferences.

To be completely honest i’m not a professional trainer or pro-athlete, I was simply somebody that was looking to find the absolute best elliptical machine that gave an incredible workout and tremendous results. I mean, I’m a pretty chubby guy around 210 lb looking to drop about 50 lb but work ethic and mindset is an obstacle everyone has to move past in order to push their pre-existent notions of what the limits were or would have been.

elliptical (1)

Another deciding factor that’s very important when considering the best elliptical equipment in general is the price and your existing budget. Believe me when I firmly say that you’ll thank me later because I once dished-out over $1,150 for an advertised limited edition machine that was supposedly “the best elliptical trainer ever”. Yeah, fool me once shame on me…you know the rest of it but I won’t be fooled again basically and neither should anyone else who spends their hard earned money!

So for everyone reading this, I’m about to drop some huge bombshells on my thought provoking strategies I personally use when finding that “it” factor. Well for one, If you think buying the most expensive machine is going to give you a shortcut somehow, you’re completely wrong because hard work is what makes the real difference and I learned the hard way. I used to just eat very sloppy then workout hoping I was going to get ripped, yeah didn’t happen and won’t happen that way.

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Next, one of my main strategies that I usually incorporate into my thought process is checking the size of what I’m going to be working out on. That really provides stabilized efficiency if your machine functions around your pre-set needs. If it’s too small or disproportionate so to speak, I’ve found in my own experiences that it can throw off the balance of your entire workout. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to a order rare golden one but I definitely look for things that are built around certain standards.

A very hidden nutshell I strongly think is extremely important that’s rarely noticed is the theory on the physicality of metals and how the weight or properties can affect an elliptical machine; machines in general. So in my real workout study or test, the best elliptical machine can be determined by finding a good solid metal and proportionate equipment that isn’t too light or heavy which will act on its own giving slight resistance.

Not only did I lose the weight I intended on losing but I completed my fitness goals quicker than I thought when I figured out what worked best for me. In conclusion, I think if you follow these simple yet profoundly effective strategies before purchasing anything like I did myself, you’ll be able to find what’s best for yourself.

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